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Resume Editing

If you already have a resume but need help improving and customizing it for your dream job, this is for you.

For this service, you send me your current resume and 1-2 job descriptions you want to apply for. I'll put your resume in one of my professional templates and edit it with those positions in mind. Then we'll schedule a consultation where I'll give you my feedback and additional suggestions, do some editing on the call, and discuss how to customize it for your job search.


Resume Writing

This service includes creating a custom resume that showcases your skills and experience.  I will write, format, and edit a resume custom for the types of positions you are looking for.  This includes two rounds of edits and two 1:1 zoom calls to create and fine tune a document that will get you noticed and set you up to interview for your dream job.

This service is ideal for candidates who don't have a resume, have a resume that is very outdated, or are making a big career change.


Cover Letter Editing

Similar to the Resume Editing & Consultation, send me what you already have written and 1-2 positions you want to apply for, and I'll edit and revise to create a letter that introduces you and your skills specifically for the job you want.  Then we'll discuss your letter on a zoom call to finalize.


Cover Letter Writing

This service includes creating a custom cover letter that introduces you and your resume.  I will write, format, and edit a cover letter specifically for the types of positions you are looking for.  This includes two rounds of edits and one zoom call to create and fine tune a document that will make them want to know more.

This service is ideal for candidates who don't already have a cover letter, have one that is very outdated, or are making a big career change.


Interview Coaching

We'll do a mock interview to help you practice and get constructive feedback. This is a 40 minute video or phone interview with 20 minutes of feedback.

Tell me the jobs you're applying for and send me your resume,  and I'll tailor the interview specifically for you.


LinkedIn Profile Editing

This service includes a 1 hour consultation where we will discuss your career goals and how we can improve your LinkedIn profile to catch the attention of hiring managers, recruiters, and other professionals you network with. 

Then I will edit your Headline, About section, and information your Experience section that you can copy and paste into your profile.  I will also write a script for a cover story if you want to add one.

We'll also discuss how you can optimize and utilize LinkedIn to build and grow your professional network and uncover opportunities that are a good fit for you.


Job Search Strategy Session

1-hour coaching call to discuss and work on any aspect of your job search.  

During the call, we'll discuss blocks and problems you're facing and what to do about them, 
and create clear action steps to get you where you want to be.


The Essentials Package

Save $100

Resume Editing + LinkedIn Editing


The Standard Package

Save $150

Resume Editing + Cover Letter Editing + LinkedIn Editing


The Premium Package

Save $200

Resume Editing + Cover Letter Editing + LinkedIn Editing + Interview Coaching



"Your work was tremendously high quality, it moved my resume forward a great deal. You bought a level of accuracy that I was unable to deliver on my own - I can’t thank you enough for what you did.

 I recommend your skills very highly – I got a fantastic response after you performed your magic on my resume. I think it was a combination of your penetrating insight and commitment to surfacing my true character that made all the difference. 

As I say, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, advice and support."

- Guy

"If you are seeking a career and resume advisor, I would highly recommend hiring Natalie as your coach! Natalie has extensive experience on networking, how to write an effective resume, career counseling, and so much more.

Finding the right career takes so much more than listing your skills, positions, and education on a piece of paper. Natalie will help prepare you not only for the next position, but she can also help you identify your "super powers" so that you land in a career and position you love.

You owe it to yourself to hire Natalie to take you to the next level of 
success, satisfaction, and career advancement."

- Annie

"After redoing my resume numerous times, I found Natalie and she made all of the difference. She spent quality time getting to know my background and desired next steps. She's meticulous with her work and paid careful attention to all of the details of my resume. It worked! I started getting interviews and then landed a great job. I appreciated the personal attention Natalie provided and highly recommend her."

- Breck

Natalie was such a big help in rewriting my resume. I feel like I am capable of helping people write their resumes but when it comes to writing my own all I did was struggle. She took the guesswork out of it and make the process smooth, simple and easy. Since having her rewrite my resume I landed a job I have always wanted in a municipality and have had a few other requests for interviews. I HIGHLY recommend using Natalie to help you rewrite your resume. 

- Alaina

"If anyone is in need of tidying up their resume or a complete overhaul, PLEASE reach out to Natalie. 
Because of her work I've received more contacts for interviews. She will make your resume standout and hopefully land your next dream job!"

- Jeff

"Natalie helped me write an amazing resume that really highlighted my skills 
and got me interviews within days."

- Amy

"Natalie was incredibly helpful in helping me create and fine tune my resume. She was careful, thoughtful, paid close attention to detail, and was thorough. Natalie took the time to answer my questions and asked for my feedback, all while tailoring it for specific job listings and opportunities. 

Natalie helped me in a very timely manner, often responding immediately after I contacted her. 
I will most definitely be back for more of Natalie's services!"

- Jake

"Natalie is extremely knowledgeable and talented in her field. Even though my resume and work experience was solid, I was still not getting as many call backs as I was hoping for. I felt overwhelmed by the competition and that's why I wanted to reach out to her. With Natalie's coaching and expertise, I was able to elevate my resume to the next level. I thought I knew there was everything to know about resumes, but boy was I wrong.

She totally blew my expectations by providing amazing feedback on layout, wording, focus points. Everything she said made so much sense and now I feel so confident about my resume. I am so grateful to Natalie for all her help and coaching! Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance!"

- Alexa

"Prior to working with Natalie, I was submitting my resume and going on interviews for 6 months with no opportunities. Right after I signed up for her digital course and a one-on-one mock interview with Natalie, I landed my job and was chosen out of many other applicants within 2 weeks!"

- Sarah

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